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How to Apply Colorguard Makeup

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In a marching band, the color guard is a very important part of the presentation. They, in addition to drills, provide visuals and added excitement for the band. However, a guard team's appearance is almost as important as the flag-work and dancing. Here is a basic guide on how to apply, work with, and remove good guard makeup.


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    Apply a base. Like with regular makeup, guard makeup will stick to your face better if you use a foundation first, but make sure it's light. If the foundation is too heavy, the colors and designs that you will be putting on your face later won't look as good, and will probably be more likely to smear. It is also a good idea to use an eye primer if at all possible, but it's alright to use regular facial foundation around your eyes. However, skip the powder, because more than likely, you will be using eyeliner on your face, and it will make a big mess. Apply a nude lipliner to your lips too, to help keep your lipstick from fading.


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    Apply eyeliner, and lots of it! Again, you're not going to school, you're performing. Apply eyeliner in either black or a bright color to your top and bottom lids, and make sure it is heavy enough to be seen from a reasonable distance. [You can ask a more experienced member of your team if you're not sure how much.&91; Also, if you need to have designs on your face, use eyeliner to outline them at this point. Liquid, waterproof eyeliner is great because sweat won't run it off your face.

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    Apply mascara. Use an eyelash curler on your lashes for maximum effect. Then, apply at least two coats of your choice color of mascara. If using colors, your mascara should probably match your eyeliner color, unless you're going for a certain look, like the sun. If not using a color, use black. Brown or clear mascara will not make as big of an impact on the audience.

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    Apply eyeshadow. This is probably the most important part of colorguard makeup, because eyeshadow is the most attention-grabbing and noticeable thing when you're performing. Make sure to get a vividly-colored eyeshadow and apply it very heavily so it can be seen.

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    Apply lipstick. This is pretty much self-explanatory. Use whatever lipstick matches your makeup. Make sure to exfoliate and moisturize your lips before putting it on; it will stay better.

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    Get creative. Experiment with many looks. Work with your whole team to come up with the best look for your show. If you're the captain, accept ideas from everyone. Don't just stick to the conventional. Try glitter, swirls, stars, etc. on different parts of the face. Remember, eyeliner isn't just for eyes!

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    Remove ALL of your makeup. Getting all of the makeup off is very important. If you don't, you could end up with skin or eye problems, plus it will look odd. Use baby oil to get eye makeup off, it's very effective, and regular facial wash is good for the rest of your face. Make sure you use moisturizer afterward, because excessive scrubbing will be needed, and this dries out your face like no other.

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