AIR-FLAGGING IT - when you do your routine minus the flags or other props, just the movement, an imaginary flag/rifle/sabre, whatever. Usually done at practices
BAND GEEK- one who lives in the band room, is obsessed w/ band, and is crazy
BOLT- metal in the top of a crutch tip that weights the flag
BRAIN FART- any mistake made by a member of the guard 
BRAIN SUCKING- when a guard member does not know the works and she watches others to do the work
BUS MACKING- extreme flirting that goes on riding home after a great competition
BUTT- rubber at the bottom of the pole
BUZZ KILL- when you expect a great guard show, and it turns out they suck
CAR WASH- when flag work is totally not together and it looks like you can drive your car through it
CATTLE GUARD- derogatory term for the guard
CG's - short for colorguard
CHICKEN WALK- jazz runs
CLAM-A MISTAKE- someone who is making alot of mistakes is said to be eating clam chowder
COLOR-G - short for Color-Guard
COME NAKED- don't come in uniform
CONCUSSION- percusssion
COP-A-SQUAT- for one to squat down and take a knee during practice
CORN COB- someone who walks like they march, even when football season is over
CORNDOG- when the flag gets stuck over the end of the pole
DIAG- diagnal
DIVA - a person who can utilize ANY piece of equipment and use their body as well to make it look like an effortless thing
DOUBLE TIME- spins where you do down flat, up flat...
DO IT UP-to do well, kick ass
DOUGHGIRL- name given to one who is gasping for air after warm up or stretching
DRILL- 1.)Usually the routine 2.)Also could be a warm
up 3.)Or a set in a song
DROP SPINS- the fundamentals to work, up and down spins
DUMMERS- term used about the drummers
DUM-DUMS- same as dummers
DOWN SYNDROME- when you sit down for a long time and can't get back up
ELVIRA- the one guard senior that always yells at you
FAKE IT- to look like you know the work, while trying to remember drill at the same time
FISH- when a saber wobbles in the air
FLAG FEATURE- intense, unison flag work together.. no solos
FLAGLINGS - new recruits to the colorguard (otherwise known as "newbies")
FLAGGOT- nickname for the guard, a member of the band who wants to secretly join guard, and can do the work better than us
FLASH FLOOD- what happens when a weapon can't hold back, and the entire work gets watered down
FROSH- freshmen
FUNDIES- fundamentals
HELICOPTER- parallel toss
KANGAROO- a person who bounces, or jumps while jazz running
LACKADAISICAL- unfocused, zoned out
'LANGLE - to remind each other to keep your heads up! (at an 'L' angle if you put your fingers in an 'L' shape and hold it up to your chin)
LOLLIGAGGING-guard members (or band) that justs isn't giving their full 100% during practice....talking or not rolling feet...etc...
MARIONETTE- the drum major who is a puppet for the band while the drummers and guard really keep the band together
PARK AND BLOW- the part in the show where you just stand there and spin, no marching
PEGGY SPINS- double time spins except you grab over and under instead of flat
RIFLE SQUAT- to sit down and lean on the butt of the rifle
RIPPLE- when something isn't together but is suppose to be
ROOKIES- people new to the guard experience
SAIL- When the silk of the flag wraps itself around
the pole no longer exposing it
SHITTAY- a grand pleay in second position while sticking your butt out like you're going to the bathroom
SHUT ER DOWN- to end practice
SILK- the flag
SPACETTE- the girl who leaves a huge hole between them and the next person and never fixes it
SPEED SPINS-double time (down, parallel, up, parallel)
STIR THE SOUP- like a crazy 8 (front 45, back 45, cross over, shoulder hip)
STOPPER- rubber end of a pole...holds the bolt in place
URINATION VACATION- when someone goes to pee and never reterns
WALDO- the person who wanders off and nobody can find him
WONDER GIRL- the new guardie who totally blows you away, can toss a 6, & gets captain her first year

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