The Road to Color Guard Success

This list is a reference I am using this year with my performers.  It is a contract signed by parents and students at a parent meeting shortly after the team is selected.  As we get to times in the season where the high of the beginning of the season runs low we can regroup by revisiting the list.  It will also serve as a reference for staff to look back on if a student is not complying to the list at any point during the season.

  1. Show up – Attendance is key for our success.
  2. Be on time.  Show up 15 min. before the start of rehearsal. Rehearsals begin
    promptly at start time.
  3. Be engaged.  Focus, listen, and learn at every rehearsal. Make the most of the time spent
    learning from your instructors.  They know how to help you improve.
  4. Wear appropriate clothing.  All black is required at rehearsals. Rehearsal attire also
    includes pulling your hair back away from your face and wearing jazz shoes or running
    shoes.  When indoor you may go barefoot .
  5. No gum chewing – gum is very distracting to a rehearsal.
  6. Eat well.  No junk food at rehearsals.  Only water will be allowed at
    rehearsals.  String cheese, fruit, almonds, and protein bars are a few examples of
    healthy snacks.
  7. Exercise and practice at home.  Walk as much as possible or light jog.
    Practice spinning at home.  Practice makes perfect.
  8. No cursing or inappropriate conversations.  Please keep negative comments
    away from rehearsals.  Cursing will not be tolerated.
  9. Be positive.  Encourage and motivate your fellow members.  Be helpful if you
    see that someone needs help.
  10. Lead without a title.  Whether or not you have a leadership title, you can
    still lead.  If everyone acts as a captain, the entire group will benefit at
    every rehearsal. Performances should be a celebration of all our hard work.
    Rewards come to those who work hard together.
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