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ColorGuardGifts.com is a 5th generation family owned business located in the beautiful Smoky Mountains.  Our mission is to bring you the finest color guard gifts and jewelry available.  For over 30 years our designers, jewelers and craftsmen have worked diligently to provide the best color guard charms, pendants, necklaces and bracelets available.   These pieces of high quality color guard jewelry are perfect gifts for your favorite person in the color or winter guard.  Please be assured that we are a company that truly values every customer and we strive to exceed your expectations!  We trust that you will see our passion, our hard work and our dedication in every nursing pin and piece of jewelry that you receive from ColorGuardGifts.com!

Our color guard gifts and jewelry are awesome gifts for award recognition gifts.  We sell to individuals, teams, schools and organizations around the world. Purchase these color guard gifts for your team and enjoy exciting group discounts.  Expertly crafted – these color guard fits and jewelry are solid 14KT gold or solid tarnish resistant sterling silver.  You will find that the quality is outstanding and great attention is paid to the detail of everything we sell.

Fast shipping and a beautiful presentation box is included with every piece of color guard jewelry.

Should you have any questions about our color guard gifts and products please feel free to email us or call us at (800)-600-1458

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ColorGuardGifts.com has the perfect color guard gifts and jewelry for you!




Way back in the day, during the English reign around the Civil War period, they had pipers and drummers. These people always accompanied the soldiers to keep them in beat and keep their spirits up. Well, along with the band, they always sent a soldier to carry their "colors". Here began the first guardsmen. After time, the idea caught on and it began to develope. Soon every army had people to bare their colors. It eventually evolved into what we have today through USA's military marching band. It was decided that that there was plenty of good music to please the ear, but there was nothing really to please the eye. This is where we got our modern guard line. It started from fierce battle cries and pride of ones colors, to show stoppin sensations that accompany marching bands every where. They still serve many purposes, but the most useful purpose is to bare your colors with pride. That is colorguard!

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