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Amazing Color Guard Moms

If you have a color guard mom, then you are very fortunate as she will put in effort in so many ways, ensuring that your sports event is executed without any hurdles. What role will she play during the activity? The following blog will discuss in great detail that, in the end, you will get a good reason to be thankful for her contributions.

Color Guard Mom: Their Role in The Event

A winter guard mom forgets her other duties and prioritizes you, your members, and the event. She remains super active in carrying out and executing her responsibilities, giving no chance to anyone to complain about her ignorant and careless behavior. How does she do it is explained below:

Constant Communication

Communication is the key to every planning. One gap or misunderstanding ruins the cycle or flow of consistency. Yes, your mom is usually occupied with other house chores, but in your case, she keeps herself in the loop, not missing out on any critical information regarding changes in schedules, venues, or dates. Many parents have a hard time managing in adjusting their activities in their busy routines. But your mom did it all.


Funds are raised for extra equipment, travel, uniforms, award ceremony dinners, and more. The flag team mom comes to the rescue by arranging different types of fundraising events to cover the cost of your sports, like

In The Field

If your event is in Summer, enjoy the day with your friends and family by enjoying multiple games like treasure hunts, dodgeball, tug-of-war, everyone’s favorite, or obstacle race. Set rules that everyone has to purchase a ticket to enter the games. Prepare a stand with snacks such as chilled lemonade and watermelon, and who can say no to ice cream? Ultimately, you can motivate your participants with small gifts as compensation to be a part of your fundraiser.

Collaborated with a Food Truck

Your drill team mom collaborated with a food truck serving their signature burgers. She called them primarily to raise funds for your event and knew that whoever she invited to that noble cause was super fond of the fast food item. Mom invested her capital in designing visually appealing flyers and brochures to attract more people so that maximum funds could be raised.

Arranged a Bake Sale

A bake sale is one of the most common solutions for raising funds. Your team's color guard mom arranged one with delicious finger-licking cookies, brownies, and other desserts to help pay for the event most desirable to you.

Well Nourished with Healthy Food

Your important sports event is right around the corner and neither you nor your band members can afford to have anything that deteriorates your health. Therefore, your team's guard mom does the honor of noting and maintaining a list of food ideas that boost your energy and stamina.

She checks with other parents to ensure none of the food items contain any ingredient that causes allergies to any young participants. When she looks after you at home as well, then this a matter of our academic achievement, which she refrains from compromising at any cost. This is how she makes sure that everyone remains fit till the actual day and at the top of their responsibility given in the band.

Surprised you With Unexpected Gifts

Do you remember when your team's mom went the extra mile to surprise you and the other team members with unexpected gifts? Yes, your event dates fell on an odd time and here, the winter guard team mom made your favorite snacks as pregame or pre-practice snacks. Apart from this, she wrote motivating messages on your practice bag, which brought a big smile to your face.

The other day, she placed a customized bottle with your name in a fancy color and text. Don't forget how your room walls had fun items attached to them. She wants to see you soaring to new heights in the future.

Biggest Cheerleader and Best Support System

Mothers are known for their supporting abilities in all walks of life. From infancy to adulthood, they nurture you in every possible way. The same happens in the wake of sports events. You can see your color guard team moms being your biggest cheerleader during practice sessions, discussing your progress with the coach, and doing the same on the primary event day, where they motivates you, encourages other players, and appreciates the collaboration you all kept. Cheers for being such a good cheerleader who wants the best for you.

Saves All Your Achievements as Memories

The greatest happiness for any mom is watching her child and their friends succeed in every walk of life. She helps you to pursue your interests and display your abilities everywhere. The team mom takes many pictures of you during a performance or requests other parents to click. Later, she keeps track of your achievements and saves them as memories through a website, a slideshow, and an album. 

Other than this, your team mom was also in charge of the team’s group picture, and for that, she arranged extra order forms to facilitate other parents with their children’s accomplishments.

Prepared an Emergency Bag

Your guardie mom prepared an emergency bag filled with necessary items like extra socks, insect repellant, lotion, sunscreen, and bandages because one time you fell during the practices, and the sports mom didn't want you to sustain any severe injuries, preventing you from participating in the band. 

Transport Provider

The team mom made sure that you didn’t miss any of your color guard or winter guard practice sessions and, naturally, the central event; therefore she picked and dropped you from the venue till home and vice versa. She kept you first all the time.

How To Show Love To Your Sports Mom?

Your color guard mom deserves so much credit; if she had not taken responsibility, none of the event-related achievements would have taken place. Order amazing color guard and winter guard jewelry for her to show your immense gratification for all the efforts she has put in.


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