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Why Color Guard is More Than Just a Hobby

How this unique activity combines art, sport, and teamwork to create unforgettable experiences. 

What is Color Guard? 

Color guard is a form of performing arts that involves spinning and tossing various equipment, such as flags, rifles, and sabers, while moving to music. It is often associated with marching bands, drum corps, or winter guard circuits, where color guard teams compete against each other in regional and national events. Color guard is also known as the "sport of the arts" because it requires both physical and artistic skills, as well as coordination, stamina, and creativity. 

Why Do People Love Color Guard? 

Color guard is more than just a hobby for many people who participate in it. It is a passion, a challenge, and a community. Here are some of the reasons why color guard enthusiasts enjoy this activity so much: 

  • It is a form of self-expression. Color guard allows performers to express themselves through movement, music, and emotion. They can choose from a variety of styles, themes, and genres to create their own unique shows. They can also showcase their personality, talent, and flair through their equipment work and choreography. 
  • It is a sport. Color guard is not easy. It requires physical strength, endurance, flexibility, and agility. It also involves a lot of practice, discipline, and dedication. Color guard performers train hard to master their skills, improve their technique, and perfect their routines. They also compete against other teams and strive to achieve their personal and team goals. 
  • It is an art. Color guard is a beautiful and captivating spectacle to watch. It combines music, dance, theater, and visual effects to create stunning performances. Color guard performers use their equipment, costumes, props, and floor designs to enhance their artistic vision and tell a story. They also use their facial expressions, body language, and emotions to convey their message and connect with their audience. 
  • It is a team. Color guard is a collaborative and supportive activity. It involves working with other performers, instructors, staff, and volunteers to create and execute a show. It also involves bonding with teammates, making friends, and forming lasting relationships. Color guard performers learn to trust, respect, and depend on each other. They also learn to communicate, cooperate, and compromise. They celebrate their successes, overcome their challenges, and grow together as a team. 

How to Get Involved in Color Guard? 

If you are interested in joining color guard, there are many ways to get started. You can: 

  • Join your school's marching band or winter guard program. Many schools offer color guard as part of their music or arts curriculum. You can contact your school's band director or color guard instructor to find out more about the audition process, the schedule, and the expectations. 
  • Join a local or regional color guard team. There are many independent color guard teams that operate outside of schools. They usually participate in winter guard circuits, such as Winter Guard International (WGI) or local associations. You can search online for color guard teams near you and contact them for more information. 
  • Join a drum corps. Drum corps are professional marching ensembles that perform and compete during the summer. They are composed of brass, percussion, and color guard sections. They usually travel across the country and perform in stadiums and arenas. You can visit the websites of Drum Corps International (DCI) or other drum corps organizations to learn more about the audition process, the fees, and the requirements. 


Color guard is a rewarding and enjoyable activity that offers many benefits to its participants. It is a way to express yourself, challenge yourself, and be part of a team. It is also a way to have fun, make memories, and create art. If you are looking for a new hobby, a new sport, or a new community, color guard might be the perfect choice for you.  So check us out here at for unique color gfuard gifts, charms, and jewelry!

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