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Color Guard Captain Charm

Color Guard Captain Charm

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Attention Color Guard, Drill Team, and Flag Team performers! Get ready to level up your Color Guard jewelry with our premium sterling silver Color Guard Captain Charm – this one's specially crafted for you by skilled artisans.

Imagine a charm that's not just bling; it's a celebration of your hard work, leadership skills, and the pride that comes with being named captain of this epic group.

This 1" charm is more than a piece of jewelry; it's a symbol of the countless hours you've put in, the dedication you've shown, and the leadership vibes you've shown to earn that captain title. Polished to a high shine this Color Guard charm is like a gleaming trophy that you can wear around your neck – a tangible reminder of your achievements.

This unique charm makes an awesome Color Guard gift for yourself or your best friend on the team. Or picture your parents and family proudly showing off this beautiful charm on a necklace or bracelet at all your halftime shows, performances, and tournaments. It's like wearing your success story around your neck!

The Captain and Flag charm isn't just for Color Guard; it's perfect for winter guard, drill team, or any type of indoor performing arts. It's the ultimate piece of bling that shows your dedication, leadership, and the wonderful memories you've created with your squad. 

So, don't miss out – grab your Color Guard Captain Charm now and wear your success with pride!

• Enclosed in a beautiful gift box 

• Free polishing cloth included

• Free polishing anytime

• Lifetime warranty

• Solid Sterling Silver

• 1" in length

• Super-fast same-day or next-day shipping 

• Team discounts available

• Satisfaction and smiles guaranteed

• Proudly made by 5th-generation artisans

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